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Brushing the Fur


 I offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, I can tailor my service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve. Everything I offer, I can do à la carte. You do not have to get the bundle if you simply just need a nail trim etc. I do have breed restrictions and can refuse services to anyone.
Keeping Our Pets Happy!


Flea Dipp $10
De-Shed $15+
De-Matt $20+
Paw Clean UP $5



Our haircuts come with a full body cut. These prices are added on to the Bundle prices depending on size/breed of dog. $20, $30, $50.  I do have breed restrictions. If dog is matted an extra charge will be applied. De-matting takes patience, time and very carful attention to skin. 


Simple Bath & Dry (comes w/nail trim)

Prices start at $35 depending on size & breed


Small, Medium, Large

Prices start at $50 depending on size & breed


Bath w/conditioner 
Blow dry,
Nail trim ($15)
Teeth Brushing ($5)
Ear Cleaning ($5)
Anal Glands Expressed ($10)
Hygiene Trim if needed ($20)
Includes bandana & perfume


Does NOT include full hair cut. Additional charges will be added.

Items in ( ) are individual prices if your not getting a Bundle or Groom and just want that particular service.

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